Commercial PV Installations

Commercial PV installations offer a great investment opportunity for many commercial properties, particular warehouses.
Return on investment ROI can be as high as 20%.

Benefits of Commercial PV installations

  • reduce energy overheads with up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • generate your own electricity particularly when it’s needed
  • generate income from the feed in tariff scheme
  • become a greener organisation
  • offset the cost of energy audits



Energy Use Analysis, Costs and Projections

We offer a free, no obligation quote which will include,

  • analysis of your energy usage
  • system specification with projected electricity generation
  • income projections and system payment structure



Commercial PV Feed in Tariff Rates

Commercial solar PV systems are eligible for the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme just like domestic systems. There are several bands of feed in tariff based on the size of the commercial solar PV system. As well as the generation tariff, a further rate is offered for exporting electricity back to the grid.

A typical commercial 10 – 100kW solar panel system can generate around £2,250 per 10kW each year, that’s before counting savings the business makes by reducing it’s electricity bill.


We work with an established commercial solar installation firm, Solar Stucco.